Demonstrating God's Love in variety of ways...

“I tell you what it really means to worship the Lord. Remove the chains of prisoners who are chained unjustly. Free those who are abused! Share your food with everyone who is hungry. Share your home with the Poor and homeless. Give clothes to those in need. Don't turn away your Relatives. Then your light will shine like downing sun and you will quickly be healed. Your honesty will protect you as you advance, and the Glory of the Lord will defend you from behind”. Isaiah 58: 6-9.


The Contagious Christians

We are reaching our communities, Families, Friends, Neighbors and Colleagues with God's message of love through Christ. Each day, we plant, water and harvest souls. We believe that every Christian, if filled with God's love is contagious. Here at NHA, God is raising Men and Women who are committed to co-labor with the Holy Spirit so that each person they contact will be exposed to the love of God. Every person without Christ is lost and faces a Christ less eternity. Unfortunately, in the United States alone, 96% of Christians never win a soul to Christ. Therefore we share in the responsibility for world-evangelism in this generation. Matt. 24:14. We must therefore devote ourselves to obtaining and sharing the vision, the urgency, and the fervency necessary to realize the completion of this God given task using whatever means and resources available.



Under normal circumstances, the birth of a child should bring joy to a woman's heart, but in the world's poorest nations, it can prompt fear. Every day, hundreds of young mothers and thousands of newborns die because of poor healthcare, unskilled birth attendants of unforeseen complications. For a gift of $120 , BRIGHT COMPASSION CENTER can train caring Christians as midwives or provide essential supplies to help mothers and their newborn babies. You are my hope, O Lord God; By You I have been upheld form birth; you are He who took me out of my mother's womb. My praise shall be continually be of You ” (Psalm 7:5-6, NKJV). SUGGESTED GIFT $120.



There is no sound more painful to a mother's ears than the cry of her starving child. Malnutrition takes millions of young lives each year, and those who survive have a much higher risk of developing physical and mental disabilities. A gift of just $9 can help us provide a week's supply of life-saving food for a young child or a pregnant or nursing mother. “If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry ....then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like noonday” (Isaiah 58:10, NIV). SUGGESTED GIFT $9



Angela dreamed of becoming a teacher, but never thought she would have the chance. Her family, poor farmers in Africa couldn't afford the school fees and supplies. With help from BRIGHT COMPASSION CENTER , Angela was able to stay in school and keep her dream alive. From Southeast Asia to Africa to Latin America , our educational and literacy programs bring hope to impoverished communities and offer local believers an effective means of sharing the Gospel. A $15 gift can provide an eager student with much-needed school supplies or a month's tuition. SUGGESTED GIFT $15



In communities wracked by poverty or disaster, threadbare clothes are handed down from child to child, and shoes are luxuries that few can afford. For as little as $40, we can supply a new winter coat or provide a complete outfit with a pair of shoes. As caring Christians distribute this clothing in their communities, they make it clear that it is a token of God's love. SUGGESTED GIFT $40



Today, over half a million people are drinking clean water straight from the water BOREHOLE supplied by BRIGHT COMPASSION CENTER . Each year, our teams build more, as well as providing freshwater well, latrines, and other types of clean water projects. Yet that's only a drop in the bucket when compared with the billion people whose health is still jeopardized by unsafe water. A water borehole costs $10,000.00. SUGGESTED GIFT $100



Food is often the most urgent need for families left devastated by war or natural disasters. By truck, or boat, BRIGHT COMPASSION CENTER delivers tons of grain, oil, and other staples to meet that need for hundreds of thousands of people near starvation. Around the globe, these food distributions also open doors for our teams to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who hunger for the truth. Just $35 can help us transport enough food to sustain a desperate family for about two months. SUGGESTED GIFT $35



Nothing says love to a hungry child like a bowl of steaming food served with a smile. Samaritan's Purse supports a variety of feeding programs in many crisis areas around the world. Just $20 can furnish a week's worth of meals, so we can tell of the gracious Lord who “fills the hungry with good things” (Psalms 107:9, NIV). SUGGESTED GIFT $20